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Miyerkules, Pebrero 11, 2015

10 Tips for Successful Call Center Agent Coaching Sessions

As a Subject Matter Expert, Nesting Lead or even Mentor Coaching call center agents can be challenging, time consuming, and frankly, emotionally draining. But it doesn't have to be. With the proper knowledge, application of new skills and tweaking of existing skills, you can hold more successful call center agent coaching sessions in no time. Heto na.

Tip 1. Keep it confidential

No agent likes to hear that they aren't performing optimally. Take this into consideration and make sure that your coaching sessions are held in a private space. When conducting side-by-side coaching sessions at the agent’s work-space, keep constructive feedback to a minimum and then discuss these points more discretely in one-on-one coaching sessions. Also, if you would like to use a call recording to demonstrate what not to do, make sure that agents can’t easily identify their team member in the recording. Keeping things confidential will enhance your team’s comfort level when receiving managerial coaching as they will be confident their mistakes won’t be broadcasted. And when agents are more comfortable in coaching sessions, they will be more likely to receive your feedback. Remember PRIVATE COACHING = PUBLIC COMMENDATION.

Tip 2. Sandwich negative feedback with positive feedback

Want to enhance the likelihood that your agents will take your constructive criticism into consideration and make the suggested changes? Start the coaching session with something they have recently improved, are consistently doing well, or a strength. This will put the agent at ease and increase the likelihood that they will be receptive to what comes next. After you provide negative feedback, make sure you end the coaching session on a positive note by again highlighting something they are doing well. This will ensure that your agent leaves your office motivated and ready to make improvements.

Tip 3. Tie performance feedback to data

“Your customer satisfaction scores / edr are declining this month” is not as helpful for the agent to hear as, “Your customer satisfaction / edr scores have declined 34% this month”. Giving your agents concrete data to support performance decrements will help them understand the magnitude of the issue. This sends a clearer message as the agent can quantify the decrease in their performance. Incorporating data into your feedback sessions is essential to informing your agents of just how far off they are from their target.

Tip 4. Provide specific examples

When discussing performance issues provide the agent with specific examples that support your feedback. Play interactions from call recordings and point out exactly where the interaction went wrong. You can also play interactions from other agents who excel at that skill to drive home your point. The more concrete you can make your feedback using call recordings, the easier it will be for the agent to understand.

Tip 5. Role play

If you want your agent to have a comprehensive understanding of how they can enhance their performance, there is no better way than to role play. Start by selecting a recent interaction that they had with a customer that could be optimized. Then, role play that scenario making the agent the customer and you the agent. Once the agent has an understanding of what you would say in that situation, switch roles. When they are role playing the agent, provide them with helpful feedback so they can tweak their approach accordingly. This will allow the agent to practice their new skill before they hit the phones again.

Tip 6. Have your agents assess their own performance

Sometimes the best way to improve a skill is to be your own critic. As a coaching tactic, ask the agent to scrutinize their call recordings and identify areas for improvement. They should bring these recordings to your coaching sessions and explain exactly what went wrong, where they should improve, and how they can improve. Asking agents to conduct comprehensive self-assessments prior to coaching sessions will enhance their motivation to improve and expedite the learning process.

Tip 7. Collaborate with the agent when formulating an action plan

Once you have identified an area for improvement, work with the agent to establish an action plan. Involving the agent in this process will enhance the likelihood that the established goals are attainable and that the agent will be motivated to achieve their goals. It also ensures that the agent knows exactly what is expected of them, how they will be evaluated, and when they are expected to make the suggested changes. Finally, it gives them the opportunity to discuss any difficulties that they are having and engage in pre-emptive troubleshooting. Involving the agent in the formulation of the action plan will go a long way to reducing confusion down the road by ensuring that the agent knows exactly what is expected of them.

Tip 8. Discuss roadblocks to enhancing performance

A good manager will identify strengths and weaknesses in their agents and coach them to enhance their performance. A great manager will do the same and also identify roadblocks to enhancing performance and troubleshoot with the agent to remove them. Is the agent finding it difficult to hear the customers due to background noise? Provide them with noise canceling headsets. Does the agent love to handle technically advanced calls but cringes when customers call in for a return? Utilize skills-based routing so that the agent receives primarily tech support calls. Sometimes drastic improvements can be made with just a little troubleshooting, saving your team headache and frustration.

Tip 9. Check in on progress towards goals

Coaching requires much more than a set-it-and-forget-it approach. Before your next coaching session, stop by the agent’s workspace to assess their progress towards their established goals. You should also listen to live and recorded calls to see if they are making the suggested changes. If they are straying off course, provide them with this feedback before your next coaching session to allow them time to adjust their approach. Giving your agents consistent nudges will help guide them in the right direction, setting them up for success for your next coaching session. 

Tip 10. Discuss progress towards goals

In the coaching session subsequent to the session where an action plan was formulated, discuss the agent’s progress towards their goals as well as any difficulties they are having in achieving their goals. If the agent needs a bit more time, identified roadblocks, or needs a bit of extra support in achieving their goals, adjust their action plan accordingly. Being flexible before deadlines can pay dividends down the road as the agent will be more likely to meet your expectations.


Coaching agents is often a dreaded task by some managers. But it shouldn't be. With the right knowledge, a bit of effort, and perseverance, you’ll be a coaching expert in no time.

Biyernes, Pebrero 6, 2015

Signs that someone is a call center agent.

Here are the signs that someone is a call center agent.

-Nakajacket ang init-init
-Cofee, yosi and jacket
-They answer your question politely, with yes sire, yes mam, even if it’s just a casual conversation. This happens even if you call their home.
-Kapag 9 am pero may nakita kang isang grupo na nagiinuman
-If their best friend is the mute button
-Kapag may nakita kang maraming tao na nagyo-yosi sa harap ng building
-Kapag ang breakfast nila sa hapon, tanghalian sa gabi, dinner sa umaga
-kapag ang Monday nila ay Sunday OR Tuesday
-Midnight coffees, birthday pizzas, accentuated English, dashing clothes, irate customers, FM and cabs, non-stop smoking, so much money, so little time to spend it, late night parties, sunrise beers, crushes on teammates and team leaders, fighting for appraisal, die hard friendships, tears of love…
-If you’re on way to the office in the morning tapos may nakita ka sa bus na nakashades tapos tulog
-Kapag may number 2 ka sa call center, kasi hindi ka mahuhuli
-if your mom is scolding you and at the middle of the litany, you say “please hold”
-Paborito ng mga holdupper
-Kapag yung eyebags nila, may eyebags
-If they pronounce the words internet as inernet, international as inernational and button as buh-unn
-Wala silang pakialam sa good friday, labor day o araw ng patay
-If they say “I need a bio break”
-Yung mga taong nag-iinuman where you are having your breakfast buffet
-Ang hirap magkarelationship sa mga taong wala sa call center
-I have call center housemates. I have to tell them what day it is.
-Madaling araw kung humingi ng medical certificate
-They can converse and type while half sleep
-If you ask them, anong oras na, they ask you, “anong time zone?”

Sabado, Agosto 9, 2014

20 tricks na pwede gawin sa Google

Even if you work online, it's doubtful you know everything there is to know about the Internet... or even just one search engine. The majority of Internet users visit every day, but they probably don't know all of the amazing things they can do with it (even I didn't know half of these).
Google isn't just for hypochondriacs looking up their symptoms or for trying to find a cool new restaurant. By just entering a few simple search terms, you can use Google to help plan and organize your life. It is amazing.

1.) You can use Google as a timer, just set the time in the search bar as shown here.

1.) You can use Google as a timer, just set the time in the search bar as shown here.

2.) Google will also help you calculate your tips.

2.) Google will also help you calculate your tips.

3.) You can find out what date any holiday falls on.

3.) You can find out what date any holiday falls on.

4.) Google will also find movie release dates for you.

4.) Google will also find movie release dates for you.

5.) You can find full schedules for your favorite television shows.

5.) You can find full schedules for your favorite television shows.

6.) Google will also find the songs of your favorite bands.

6.) Google will also find the songs of your favorite bands.

7.) You can use the search engine to find what books your favorite authors wrote.

7.) You can use the search engine to find what books your favorite authors wrote.

8.) It'll look up flight information for you.

8.) It'll look up flight information for you.

9.) Do you know what time the sun rises? It'll tell you.

9.) Do you know what time the sun rises? It'll tell you.

10.) It'll also give you information on your company.

10.) It'll also give you information on your company.

11.) If you want, you can make it tip over.

11.) If you want, you can make it tip over.

12.) Or just tilt a little.

12.) Or just tilt a little.

13.) If you search for "recursion," you'll get stuck in a search loop.

13.) If you search for "recursion," you'll get stuck in a search loop.

14.) Also, if you include anagram in your searches, Google will make anagrams for you.

14.) Also, if you include anagram in your searches, Google will make anagrams for you.

15.) Even if you're just trying to define anagram.

15.) Even if you're just trying to define anagram.

16.) If you search for "Festivus," you'll see the traditional aluminum pole.

16.) If you search for "Festivus," you'll see the traditional aluminum pole.

17.) Searching for "binary" or "hexadecimal" gives you nerdy results.

17.) Searching for "binary" or "hexadecimal" gives you nerdy results.

18.) Searching for "Zerg Rush" will start a game you can play in your browser.

18.) Searching for "Zerg Rush" will start a game you can play in your browser.

19.) Google can also show you the meaning and history behind words.

19.) Google can also show you the meaning and history behind words.

20.) Trying to decide between your favorite foods? Google will help.

20.) Trying to decide between your favorite foods? Google will help.

21.) If you type "Google 1998" in your address bar, you'll be taken to the retro version of Google from the good ole days.

21.) If you type "Google 1998" in your address bar, you'll be taken to the retro version of Google from the good ole days.
Knowing is half of the battle. Now when you're trying to plan your weekend, you'll be able to look up new restaurants... but also check for holidays, see if your friends' flights are on time, and make sure you won't miss a new episode of your favorite television show.
Google is basically your butler.

Lunes, Agosto 4, 2014

Mga Natutunan ko Kay Micheal Jordan

Michael Jordan is arguably the best player in the history of the NBA. 6 Championship rings, 6 Final MVP’s and 5 NBA MVP’s are just a few amazing achievements to his name. A number of great NBA players have credited Michael Jordan as their inspiring mentor that they looked up to during their career in basketball.

So what makes Michael Jordan such an amazing individual? What lessons of Motivation can we all learn from Michael Jordan?

1. Make decisions. Take action.

Get in the game. Get involved. Don’t be afraid to make decisions because they may lead to mistakes. Mistakes are inevitably part of the journey. If you were perfect you wouldn’t be on this journey. Some people fear failure so much that they freeze up and are afraid to make decisions or take take action. Conquer your fears by making decisions and taking action.

    “A man who suffers before it is necessary, suffers more than is necessary” 

2. Find a solution.
When you hit a roadblock, don’t waste your energy and time panicking. Take a moment to gather yourself and find a solution, it exists.
As Winston Churchill said:

    “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

3. Teamwork.

What if Michael Jordan didn’t have Scottie Pippen? Jordan is arguably the greatest player of all time but he did not win six championships by himself. Jordan was blessed with a teammate and Hall of Fame player Scottie Pippen (one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History).

Lets not forget that Dennis Rodman (7x NBA Rebounding Champion) and Toni Kukoc (1996, NBA Sixth Man of the Year) were integral players in the second three-peat. Jordan was also coached by Phil Jackson, possibly greatest coach in NBA history.
The moral of this story is, Teamwork For The Win.

4.Practice, Practice, Practice.

Practice your fundamentals to perfect your technique. The best players in the game constantly train with coaches to better their fundamental footwork, defense, and shooting mechanics. Don’t get lost in the details so much that you lose sight of the basics.

Jordan channeled his embarrassment and anger into motivation during practice:
“Whenever I was working out and got tired and figured I ought to stop, I’d close my eyes and see that list in the locker room without my name on it… that usually got me going again.” MJ
But in Practice, consider that:
“You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.” -MJ

Jordan became better at playing than everyone else by first becoming better at practicing than everyone else. Until the end of his career, Michael was known to be the first person to get to the gym and the last one to leave.

5. Be tenacious and improve - Innovate - Don't Quit

If you’re not failing you’re not trying. Embrace your setbacks and failures as fuel and motivation. Accept that failure is part of success. Find perseverance and continue, you have it within you.

10 Inspiring Quotes From Michael Jordan

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. 
-MJ 23

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.
-MJ 23

I play to win, whether during practice or a real game. And I will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win.
-MJ 23
If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.
-MJ 23
I never looked at the consequences of missing a big shot… when you think about the consequences you always think of a negative result.
-MJ 23

If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.
-MJ 23

I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.
-MJ 23
My body could stand the crutches but my mind couldn’t stand the sideline.
-MJ 23
My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.
-MJ 23
I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.
-MJ 23

Miyerkules, Abril 30, 2014

PHILIPPINES REPRESENT! by: Mori Batrachotoxin

On 5 April 2014, Philippine agents woke up to a green dawn as the enlightened once again went against all odds to capture 881 Million mind units all anchored in major tourist kick-off sites in the country.

Aiming for a nobler cause than just MU-control, Enlightened Philippines would like to take this opportunity to promote the natural beauty of the Philippines. All of the anchors used in this operation is a jump-off point to some of the country’s natural attractions.

OPS REPRESENT was completed by 04:28am where 85% of the country saw a megafield covering the three major island groups, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. 29 agents flew or drove to the anchor areas the day before to scout and prepare, as well as to do their own sightseeing and food-tripping before operation time. As locals would know, Philippine tourism is not only about the location, but also the food. Filipinos love to eat, and each of the country’s 7,107 islands has its own local popular delicacy.

The anchors used were Davao City in the South, Laoag City in the North, Legaspi City in the East and Puerto Princesa City in the West. Inner fields were also created in the municipality of San Nicholas and the cities of Baguio and Urdaneta. A total of 36 portals were used for this operation.

In the end, agents were able to create 81 fields over the country, with two additional fields anchored in nearby Taiwan for a total of 83 Fields.

After Ops, agents stayed on in their respective locations to enjoy the country’s natural beauty.

Ingress, it’s more fun in the Philippines!

Enlightened PH would like to acknowledge the contribution of the following agents that made this operation possible:
Aces, AlmightyGod, batrachotoxin, BryndenRivers, buffer, Claune, coldqueen, DamingAlam, DylanQ, elmerrichard, Encapsulation, flipsideyabie, flirtation, jeffreytime, lcarus, meimei, mharfrid, Morlock2k, mugspray22, NekoBitcheza, nhatarakhi, QUBlT, ratohnhaketon, rpatz, Samhain, scriptorium12, sleepheavy, yabie and yhanie.

Special thanks to agents:
cardinal26, GohanYoinkbeh, g3stalt, Kudarat and QuiRenShun

==Also presenting, the anchors used in our operations:

Davao City, the Southern anchor, is the largest city in the country in terms of land area. It is home to the Philippine Eagle center, responsible for the preservation of the Philippine Eagle, the Philippine National Bird. It is popular for tropical fruits like the durian, marang, manga (mangoes), pomelo, and pineapples. It is also the kick-off point in going to the white sand beaches of Samal Island.

The Northern anchor, Laoag City is known to be controlled by the resistance wherein agents had to move stealthily around the area to scout the target portals. Its airport, the kick off point for tourism in the province of Ilocos Norte, is where one will be able to visit popular spots like the Banggui Windmills and the white sand beaches of Pagudpud. Ilocos is also popular for its local food, bagnet, chichacorn and pinakbet.

The Eastern anchor is the jump off point for several destinations in the Bicol region, Legaspi City. Legaspi is home to the volcano with the perfect cone shape, Mt. Mayon. It is the first place you have to go to in order to get to the municipality of Donsol, popular for whaleshark watching. The bicol region is also popular for the pili nut and spicy fare like the bicol express.

Puerto Princesa City in the west is most popular as the home of one of the new seven wonders of nature, the Puerto Princesa Underground River. It is also the starting point for all the leading beach locations in Palawan including El Nido, a small town popular for white sand beaches, and Honda Bay, popular for its colorful reefs and endemic tropical sea creatures. Being an island, Palawan's specialty is seafood.

Baguio City, the middle anchor, is known as the summer capital of the Philippines. Baguio is on a plateau making its climate cool even during the summer. It is also the kickoff point for several locations in the province of Benguet like Sagada and the Banawe rice terraces. The city is popular for fresh produce particularly vegetables and fruits like strawberries and pineapples.

The City of Urdaneta is also a jump-off point for the beaches of Pangasinan like the hundred Island national park, and Patar Beach in Bolinao.

If you haven't played the game yet download it at : Google Play Store and join the Enlightened Philippines Faction 

#ingress   #enlightenedph   #ingressph   #niantic   #oopswediditagain   #881M   #itsmorefuninthephilippines 

Miyerkules, Abril 23, 2014

Paano mo i-handle ang mga Back Stabbers

If people talk behind your back, it only means you're two steps ahead ! - Fannie Flagg

Ano ang gagawin mo kung may mga taong sinisiraan ka pag nakatalikod ka. What do you do when people are talking about you behind your back? Di naman tayo perfect kaya it's normal na sometimes na napag uusapan tayo. Kung maganda yung topic about you. Well and good. Pero paano kung sinisiraan kana?  It feels awful and it isn't pleasant to deal with. You do have choices though, from doing nothing and ignoring it ,yung bang kiber ko sayo I'm not affected ang drama mo o pwede rin patulan mo na by confronting the gossiper ( Sabihan mo ng STRAW ka ba? Bakit ? Di ka lang plastic , sipsip kapa , LOL away kung away , joke lang - peaceful confrontaion lang ) . It all depends on the context and how you wish to respond.

Part 1: Maging sigurado ka kung totoong may sinasabi nga sayo. qst step is Being sure

    1.    Dapat sure ball ikaw yun. Maling mali ang agad gumawa ng hakabang without validating and assessing the veracity or truthfulness na napag uusapan ka. (uy veracity, ang lalim nun) Be certain that you are the target of malicious gossip. It wouldn't do to assume that you're the target and go after the person responsible, only to find out that it was not about you after all. Nga-Nga , epal ka ng epal di naman pala ikaw yun napag uusapan. Things that might indicate it's about you include:
        Rumors that reach you specifically name you as the person the rumor is about.
        People associated with the gossiper laugh, act embarrassed or look away when you approach them.
        Someone has the courage to tell you openly that the gossiper is disparaging you behind your back.
        You have caught the person in the act of saying mean things about you to others.
        There is some other form of evidence, such as a recording, a video, an email or a text message.

    2.  Pag usapan.Talk to your friends about it. Which of your friends do you really trust? Ask this person or group what they think about what is being said. Be aware that some of them will probably feel embarrassed for you and may find it uncomfortable to talk about it directly; try to make things easy for them to speak honestly.

Isumbong mo kay Punisherano.
        Maging maingat sa pagtitiwalaan. Be careful about which side your friends are veering towards. Get your friends to back you up, and give them time to decide whether they want to go against the gossiping person, supporting you. Rome wasn't built in a day, and one person didn't build it either ––just be careful about which of your friends might lean more towards the gossiper's viewpoint.

Choice A: Dead Ma mo lang and Choosing to ignore the gossiper

    1     Do not overreact. Di ka naman sasali sa Famas Award. Whether or not you choose to ignore or confront the gossiper, stay calm at all times. Getting upset is only going to feed the gossip and can end up substantiating in people's minds some of the things being said, just by behaving poorly.
    2    Realize what motivates the gossiper. Ano ba nakukuha nya for doing such, It is probable that this person is jealous of you or simply mean-spirited by nature. Seeing the petty reasoning behind the gossiper's actions can help you to stay chill and not respond in kind or give any credence to what is being said.
    3    Be laid back. Pretend like it never happened. Often the greatest insult is to not even pick up on the fact that someone is attempting to insult. Let it flow over you like water off a duck's back. Give them the silent treatment. Laugh it off. Be so super nice that they don't know what to do in response.
        Remember that this person won't be in your life forever if you're at school. Paying attention to their petty trash talking now won't help you get to where you're going, so leave them way behind and follow your goals.

Choice B: Confronting the gossiper

    1   Decide to confront the rumors. If things are so bad that the rumors seem out of hand and you feel that ignoring it isn't going to make it all go away,lalu na kung karangalan and nadudunigsan na ang yung pangalan (wow may pinaghuhugutan ahahaha ) you may find that confronting the person is the better option. Again, remain calm to stay in control at all times.
        Again, do you have friends who will back you up if you confront the gossiper openly? This may be helpful in some contexts.
    2    Begin by asking "what's up?". Ask this person why they feel compelled to spread rumors about you. Tell them that such trash talking is likely to spoil your friendship or acquaintance. Sometimes it's enough to put a person on the spot to have it stop happening.
        For example: "Bette, George told me that you said I was lazy in that project. He told me you wished I hadn't been a part of your team. It was hurtful to learn that but I want to hear your side of the story. Perhaps I have not heard it properly and have the wrong end of the stick. Could you please tell me what your real concern was about my involvement in the project?"
    3    Tell the person to stop spreading lies and gossip about you. Let them know you have heard what has been said, that it's patently untrue and that you do not appreciate the fancy story-telling. Don't be emotional or make a big deal about this; the briefer you are, and the firmer you come across, the better.
        Stick to the facts. Do not name-call, do not make known your suppositions about the other person's motivations (those are to help you understand better, but not to use for goading) and do not get upset. By using the facts, you avoid giving the other person ammunition to use back against you.
        For example: "(NAME) , I really wished you had come to me first to say you didn't like my efforts. I'd have explained what I was doing and tried to make changes if they were needed. But I won't stand for lies about my character and abilities. If you want to say something, tell me openly now. Otherwise, I'd really appreciate it if you'd stop making up stories about me." And you may wish to add "That way, I won't have to take this any further/ tell so-and-so what is going on" if you feel a further solution needs to be emphasized.
    4    Shrug it off if the gossiper gives all sorts of excuses. Make it clear you know they're making excuses and that all you want is for this person to stop behaving in such an immature way. Even if you sound like a broken record, restate your wish that the rumors cease.
    5    Seek help. If the rumors and nastiness escalate in a way that you feel you cannot handle personally, find support from people who can step in and do something. This might be teachers, a counselor, parents, friends or a supervisor. Most institutions (schools, colleges, workplaces, etc.) will have policies in place to deal with situations where a person is being intimidated or abused by another person.
        It can sometimes be helpful to have witnesses or people prepared to share what they have heard or seen if the gossiping turns into bullying and/or vicious rumors.


    Sometimes, the best thing to do is to let it go. Don't be friends with this person if they are spreading rumors about you, and don't change yourself or your personality to stop the rumors.
    Be the bigger person and let it go. Sometimes angrily confronting someone shows that you are weak enough to be bothered by their rumors.
    Don't force your friends to help you. If they are backing the rumor-spreaders, find some new friends.
    Walk it off. Go home, take a bath, listen to relaxing music, turn off your phone, and take a nap.
    If you're younger than your bully, then just think about how when they get into the real world, older people won't put up with their bad habit.
    Question the loyalty of the person who tells you someone is talking behind your back.
    The people talking behind your back, are insecure, and feel they must be better than you. Just remember to not take it personally. You aren't the only one who they are negatively talking about. These people have problems also. Just highlight in your own mind the true cons of these people's lives without telling them, and it will all make sense. Just stay calm and ride above it, you have your own life to live. Who are they to judge you?
    Don't show a reaction. Sometimes reacting in a bad way could make things worse.

    Pay no attention to those who talk behind your back! it simply means you are two steps ahead!
    If your rumor-spreaders are just teasing you they will do it to your face.
    Sometimes, clearing your name and reputation means losing friends. But real friends will stick with you.
    Ignore that person, be laid back, and surround yourself with amazing students and friends. It will agitate them more, and soon they will realize that its hopeless and will stop. However, it takes patience. Be very patient, kind, and try not to be naive. Too much kindness can lead to becoming naive.
    Even though you don't like the person, treat the person like anybody else in your class.
    Pay no attention to those who talk behind your back! it simply means you are two steps ahead!

Lunes, Abril 21, 2014

Annual Reenactment of Christ's passion in NorthVille 14 Calulut Pampanga.

Every Good Friday, Filipino devotees having themselves actually nailed to crosses to remember Jesus

Christ's suffering and death, an annual rite rejected by church leaders in the predominantly Roman Catholic country.

 Barangay San Pedro, Cutud, City of San Fernando Lenten Rites

The San Pedro Cutud Lenten Rites in  Barangay San Pedro, Cutud, City of San Fernando, Pampanga or The Siete Palabras (The Seven Last Words) Barangay Lourdes Northwest in Angeles City these are famous places where passion play is done with the actual nailing of at least three penitents to a wooden cross this takes place between 2 to 3 p.m. However these places are congested and you cannot really go near the cross.

I've seen the Annual Reenactment of Christ's passion in NorthVille 14 Calulut Pampanga last Good Friday. ( April 18, 2014  last video)

Martes, Abril 15, 2014

Call Center Bloopers

Franz710's misadventures of a call center agent story  part 10

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. - Bill Gates

Applicable din para sa mga agents coming from ibat ibang provinces

Unang trabaho, unang sabak sa telepono. Memorable ang pinaka una kong call. Sabi nung customer, ipasa ko nalang daw sa iba dahil mukhang wala akong ideya sa ginagawa ko. Sweet naman nya.

5 taon. 3 na promotions. 4 na posing para sa ibat ibang ID ng magkakaibang account o program. At kung usapang stereotypes lang naman, heto sila..

1. Di mo alam ang petsa. Feeling mo ang mundo ay isang exercise wheel na tinatakbuhan ng alaga mong hamster. Paikot-ikot. Walang katapusan. Zombie, ika ng iba. Gising, pasok. Uwi, tulog. Pero babalik din ang ating kamalayan tuwing a-kinse at katapusan.

2. Hirap kang matulog sa bahay, pero di mo mapigilang mapa-pikit pag asa trabaho. Di ko alam kung dahil ba sa aircon o ang sarap lang managinip na isang malaking punching bag ang kupal mong TL, tuwing nakikita mo siya.

3. Ikaw o may kakilala ka, na energy drink na ang dumadaloy sa mga ugat. Cobra sa almusal. Sting sa tanghalian. Extra Joss ang panulak pag nabubulunan. Lipovitan naman ang nilalagok tuwing umiinom ng biogesic.

4. May kakilala ka din na laging may bitbit na baso ng starbucks kapag papasok. Siguro, importante talaga ang kape pag graveyard shift. Pero ang nakapagtataka e, buong araw na niya itong hawak, at sa paraan na makikita mo ang pangalan niya na nakasulat sa baso.

5. Alam mo ang mga term na “pitik” at “hadouken”. At madalas itong masusundan ng pagta-type sa notes ng “Customer ended the call”.

6. Kahit madalas e demonyo ang tingin mo sa kanya, gusto mong halikan sa tuwa ang TL mo pagsinabi niyang “Go on aux 4, coaching tayo”.

7. Pero malulungkot ka ulit, dahil malalaman mong bagsak lahat ng na-audit mong calls. Tipong, ang nakuha mo lang ng tama, ayon sa QA, ay opening at closing spiel. Lahat sablay na.

8. Sa lahat ng buttons ng Avaya, Auto in ang pinaka mahirap pindutin, parang may kung anong pwersa na pumipigil, parang invisible force field, samantalang Log Out naman ang bestfriend ng iyong daliri. Lagi rin itong “aksidenteng” napipindot.

9. Nakatangap kana ng perfect csat survey kahit hindi para saiyo (sabi nung customer , napaka helful daw ni Jenny. E Brando ang pangalan mo sa phone). Pero nakareceive ka na din ng Dissat kahit resolved ang issue.

10. Speaking of, kung parang generic name ng gamot ang pangalan mo, walang problema yan, dahil legal ang pag gamit ng phone name o alias. Halimbawa, sa totoong buhay, ang pangalan mo ay Godofredo, sa industriyang ito, ayos lang na mag opening spiel ka ng “Thank you for calling, my name is Summer”.

11. Naisipan mo nang mag-amok at sindihan ang smoke detector para magpaulan ng tubig ang mga sprinkler, tuwing queuing.

12. May kakilala kang bigla-bigla nalang nagwawala, hinahagis ang headset, hinahambalos ang kanyang mug, dinudurog ang avaya sa pamamagitan ng paghampas ng keyboard, dahil hindi alam ng customer kung nasaan ang “start” button.

13. Yung TL mo bigla nalang nagkakaroon ng meeting, pag nakita ka niyang papalapit, sa pag aakalang Sup Call na naman ito.

14. Kung may Teachers Pet, meron ding TL’s Annoying Monkey. Siya yung team mate mo na laging ume-epal at kadikit lagi ng team leader nyo. Madalas siyang taga-report ng mga late o overbreak. Lagi din siyang humihirit ng mga helpful tips pag team meeting. Sarap lagyan ng tattoo sa noo na “Wala akong pakialam”. Joke lang.

15. Dahil immersed tayo sa konsepto ng tamang “customer service”, madalas kang mag-amok sa mga fast food chain kapag pakiramdam mo ay “youre not getting your money’s worth”. “Ano to!! Sabi ko LEG part.. Bakit tuyong BREAST ang binigay mo sakin? Tawagin mo ang manager!!!”.

16. Meron ka o dumating sa buhay mo ang point kung saan nag-apply ka ng credit card.

17. May kakilala kang ayaw tumigil kaka-english kahit sa mga pampublikong lugar o PUVs pero parang tanga na kating-kati mag Tagalog sa mga English Only Zone ng opisina.

18. Mahirap umisip ng dahilan kapag na late ka. Dahil walang trapik at imposibleng umattend ka ng PTA meeting ng anak mo, pag alas dos ng madaling araw.

19. May team mate kang aligaga sa buhay at walang ibang nais na i-suggest kundi ang mag team building kayo. “TL: Guys, ano bang magandang action plan para bumaba ang AHT ng team? SIYA: Team building tayo!!”

20. Mas maangas pa sa CEO ng kumpanya kung umasta ang mga security guard. Nagulantang ako dati nang minsan kong tanungin si Manong Guard ng “Saan po dito yung testing area?”, sabay sagot ng “Im sorry, but you must be aware that this is an *English Only* zone”. Muntik nakong sumuka ng dugo.

21. Bukod sa crush mo, isa sa napaka konting bagay na nagpapangiti sayo tuwing shift ay mga “Ghost Calls”. Kung saan para kang tanga na uulit-ulitin ang opening line, dahil SOP ito.

22. Naranasan mo nang sapilitang tumawa dahil TL, OM o Shift manager ang nag-joke nung nakasabay mo siya sa elevator, kahit na sabaw ang kanyang sense of humor.

TL: Anong hayop ang magaling mag karate? Ikaw: Bwahahahaha!! (halos masuka ka na sa pag-papangap) Ano boss? TL: E di.. TILAP-YAHHH!! Ikaw: Nyahahahaha!! (gusto mo nang ipitin ang ulo mo sa pinto ng elevator) Nice one!!

23. Pinasok mo ang industriyang ito kalakip ang pag-asa ng mabilis na promotion. Oo, nasa performance mo nakabase ito, pero umamin ka. Pagkatapos ng unang 6 na buwan, narealize mo na mailap ito parang Halley’s comet.

24. Naranasan mo na ang sumakay sa isang PUV after shift, kung saan, ikaw lang ang stressed ang aura, amoy yosi, amoy alak, samantalang lahat ng ibang pasahero ay preskong-presko, mga amoy downy at blooming dahil papasok palang sila.

25. Sa pag-aakalang napindot mo ang mute, nag-tatatalak ka ng tagalog habang may call. Huli mo nang nalaman na naririnig ka ng customer sabay tanong ng “Im sorry, what?”. Pero dahil maparaan ka, sinagot mo siya ng “oh.. that was a secret passage, written in the language of Mordor, that must be uttered to hasten your dwindling internet speed..”.

26. Naranasan mo nang mag-google ng mga sakit na pwede mong idahilan kapag tatawag ka sa sick hotline niyo. Mas “uncommon”, mas maganda. Dapat binubuo ito ng 3 o higit pang medical terms.

27. Poker face lagi ang company nurse o physician. Hindi sila madaling mapaniwala sa mga nagsasakit-sakitan. Sanay na sila dyan. Lumang tugtugin kung baga. Pauuwiin ka lang kung naisuka mo na ang iyong baga o kulay violet na ang iyong buong katawan.

28. Nakauwi na ang lahat subalit naiwan ka parin sa floor dahil sa customer mong isang oras na nagpapaturo, pero hindi parin magets, ang sayantipikong proseso ng pag “copy+paste”.

29. Kung medyo sablay ang kumpanya, naranasan mo na din ang “hot seating”. Ito yung mala-espanyang pagsakop sa work station mo ng kung sinong Lucifer, kung offline ang iyong phone status. Hindi epektibo ang pag-iiwan ng gamit, pagpapaskil ng iyong larawan sa monitor o paglalagay ng note na “Ang kumuha ng station na to, tutubuan ng pigsa sa gilagid”.

30. Di tulad ng ibang propesyon, hindi big deal dito ang AWOL.

Boy A: Asan na si Jayson? Boy B: Nag AWOL na. Boy A: Ah ok. Anong ulam sa pantry?

31. Ikaw o may kakilala kang buong angas kung maglakad sa recruitment area kapag merong mga bagong aplikante. Minsan doon pa mismo tatambay kapag break para ipangalandakan na empleyado na siya. Mas mabisa din kung paiikutin mo ang iyong ID sa leeg na parang hulahoop.

32. Napa-upo kana sa isang work station na puno ng kapalpakan. Kumukurap ang monitor. Mga duro-durog na chichirya ang nakasingit sa pagitan ng mga keys ng keyboard. Yung headset naman, its either mahina, di ka marinig ng customer o nababalot ng sang katutak na scotch tape. Parang embalido lang.

33. Nakakita kana ng isang kumag na pasiklab kung magtype ng password sa mga system tools niyo. Ambilis ng pindot sa keyboard, tulad ng napapanood mo sa mga sci-fi movies. Pero madalas, password incorrect. Maya-maya, mapapansin mo na isa isa nalang ang pag press niya ng mga letter. Kinain ang pride. Busog.

34. Automatic na lumalabas sa bibig mo ang mga phrases na nagpapakita ng sympathy sa customer, kahit na sa totoong buhay e wala ka namang pakialam kung dumadaan siya sa matinding pagsubok gaya ng pagbagal ng internet connection o pagkalimot ng email password.

CX: Bear with me, im such an idiot when it comes to tech stuff. You: Its ok maam. And im sorry that you’re an idiot.

35. Halos araw-araw kang makakarinig ng mga istorya tungkol sa isang bagong kumpanya na mas malaki ang sahod, mas magandang management at mas magandang facilities. “Balita ko nga eh, may swimming pool sa ops area nila, at may libre na isang kilong ubas tuwing pasko”.

36. Aminin mo man o hindi, namangha ka din sa pintuan ng opisina na kelangan pang i-swipe ang ID mo para bumukas. “Ay pota.. Magic!!!”.

37. Dahil graveyard shift, hindi rin mawawala ang mga kwentong kababalaghan sa callcenter industry. Kesyo dati daw sementeryo ang site na yun o may namatay nang agent sa opisina niyo dahil aksidente daw nyang nakain ang Avaya at nabulunan.

Ikaw: TL, Biglang na-drop yung call!! May multo!!!”. TL: Ulol.

38. Meron kang souvenir mula sa kumpanyang balak ata i-declare na “critical working day” ang bawat petsa sa kalendaryo. Maaaring mug na may logo ng company. Ballpen na may logo ng company. Payong na may logo ng company. Burial plan with complimentary lapida na may logo ng company.

39. Hindi rin mawawala ang love team. Naks. Tamis sa gitna ng masalimuot na mundo ng queuing. Sabagay, mahirap din naman kasi ang magkaroon ng matinong relasyon kung hindi callcenter agent ang jowawers mo. Tipong tinext mo, pero tulog siya. Mga 8 oras na ang nakalipas bago pa siya makareply. Tapos, ikaw naman ang tulog. Vicious cycle.

40. Langit ang training phase. Petiks mode. Buddy up lang lagi. Kaso simula na ng impyerno mo paglampas ng nesting.

Taliwas sa pinagsasabi ng mga ignoranteng taong tabon, na hindi kailangan ng utak para makapag trabaho sa isang callcenter, tagisan dito ng talino (kung paano mare-resolve ang issue), abilidad (na magtransfer), creativity (pagiimbento ng dahilan kung bakit dapat niyang sisihin ang kanyang anti virus software) at lakas ng loob (sikmurain ang mga ingles na mura na kadalasan mo lang maririnig sa mga hollywood movies o kanta ni Kanye West).

Karamihan sa kakilala kong matatalino, puno ng sense at mababait (kung team mate kita dati, nabasa mo naman siguro ang mga papuring ito, kailangan ko ng dalawang daang piso, baka meron ka diyan) ay nakasalamuha ko sa nasabing industriya. At kahit kelan, di ko malilimutan ang pagkakaibigan at mga karanasan ko mula dito.

Thank you for calling, to which department would you like to be transferred?

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Lunes, Abril 14, 2014

This is your life poster



In case you want to copy-paste the full text of the Holstee Manifesto, Here’s the full text from the Holstee inspirational poster:

This is your LIFE. Do what you love and DO IT OFTEN. If you don’t like something, CHANGE IT. If you don’t like your job, QUIT IT. If you don’t; have enough time, STOP WATCHING TV. If you are looking for the love of your life, STOP… … They will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love. STOP OVER ANALYZING, All emotions are beautiful when you eat and APPRECIATE, every last bite. LIFE IS SIMPLE. Open your mind, arms, and heart to new things, and people, WE ARE UNITED IN OUR DIFFERENCES. Ask the next person you see, what their passion is, and share your inspiring dream with them. TRAVEL OFTEN; GETTING LOST WILL HELP YOU FIND YOURSELF. Some opportunities only come once you seize them. LIFE IS ABOUT PEOPLE YOU MEET, and the things you create with them. SO GO OUT AND START CREATING. Life is to short. LIVE YOUR DREAM and SHARE YOUR PASSION.


The manifesto reads like something out of a self-help book: A 15-sentence message comprising brief commandments such as, “Do what you love and do it often,” “If you don’t like your job, quit,” and “Travel often; Getting lost will help you find yourself.”
The  Holstee Manifesto is the most iconic product of the Brooklyn-based apparel company Holstee. Although the company was founded with the aim of selling sustainably sourced consumer goods, the poster of the manifesto is now one of Holstee’s best-selling items.
The “This is your life do what you love” poster (also known as the the Holstee Manifesto poster) has unintentionally become an astounding internet phenomenon. Holstee is a small company that produces products like wallets and t-shirts made out of recycled materials. It was founded by brothers Dave and Mike Radparvar and their friend Fabian Pfortmuller in 2009. The manifesto was posted on their website and remained there causing little notice until it started getting passed around on Tumblr. Holstee says the poster has now been viewed over 80,000,000 times online. The success of the poster has literally put Holstee on the map and now the poster has been translated into over a dozen different languages.
This is an exceptional example of how a simple image or idea can go globally viral in a very short time via social networks and other forms of sharing.Now chances of you (or I) creating a piece of content that could go as viral as the “This is your life poster” is a wonderful to dream about, but shouldn’t necessarily be the goal. Winning the lotto is great, but winning a series of scratch-off tickets is also great. Holstee tried various viral marketing campaigns themselves, but never thought that their manifesto would be such a hit. It was an unintentional home-run. It’s hard to know what’s going to resonate. That’s why it’s important to experiment. If anything Holstee has taught us that people love inspirational advice that is easy to share.
Try creating an image, cartoon, quote, or inspiration phrase and turn it into a jpeg in Photoshop or whatever image creation tool you use. Host it on your blog, and then share it on Facebook, Twitter–any or all of the social networks you use. Pinterist is particularly good for images as well as Tumblr.
See how many times your images are shared. Test different kinds of messaging and learn what resonates with your audience. The more you experiment, the better you’ll get at reaching a wider audience and reach new and potential customers.